About Me

Mother: [muhth-er] (n) One who nurtures, cares for and loves unconditionally; is depended on 24/7, works around the clock for free, and loved by so many.

Hi, my name is Chelsey, and I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. I love to write, I may not be the strongest writer, but I love the idea of writing and sharing my feelings and experiences. Even more than writing, I love being a mom and being able to stay home with my kids is a blessing.

Before my calling to writing this blog, and before I even had kids, I was a pre-school teacher for ages 2-3. I loved my teaching job, and I also loved being able to come home to peace and quiet (those days are gone now). I believed that my job had prepared me to be a mom and that it was going to be easy. Boy was I wrong!

Being a full time mom and homemaker was hard and I still am struggling to stay on top of things. Some days I feel like I accomplished remodeling a whole house, when in reality I just dusted and vacuumed, and other days I feel like a complete failure, thinking of all the things I need to get done. It’s OK to feel this, but the reality is you are a mom with children, who gets to have her moments.

I am not perfect and I mess up (a lot). That is why I wanted to write down my triumphs and fails, and to share what worked and what didn’t. I am no professional, nor do I have a PHD, I just keep trying new things and learn from my mistakes until I finally succeed.

Of course everyone is different, what worked for me may not work for someone else, I just simply want to share my messy craziness of a life. If you would like to follow my adventure through family life, I am happy to have you. I also love meeting new people and would love to hear from you about your crazy experiences as well!

By chelseyvk

Stay at home mom trying to stay sane.

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